Internship comes to the end: Just the beginning!

The semester has finally come to an end. As I sit here, i look back at all of my accomplishments, and I smile. Through all of the stress, planning, organizing, advertising, and collaborating, being the Social Media intern for Program Board 2017 has been an incredible experience. Let us take a look at some of the last few events of the semester!


Photo Apr 21, 5 45 05 PM.jpgThis event was a BLAST! It was for a wonderful cause, and it promoted exercise all wrapped in some colorful fun! This event was a collaboration with another organization, and it was promoted on several different social media accounts, including PROGRAM BOARDS! I shared the advertisements for this event on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We also spread posters around campus to advertise physically. This event is usually very popular so once people knew it was happening again, word started to spread! I encouraged all of the PB members to share the ads on their personal pages too, reaching very many different social groups on campus. The day of the event, we promotes so much! Someone was running Instagram story, while I was posting to the Snapchat story telling people what time the “color toss” started! That way if anyone on campus was not doing anything, they would have an outlet. At the Program Board end of the run, the runners were provided with water, and cool sunglasses to protect their eyes from the color that we would throw in the toss. 

This event was so successful, raising amazing amounts of money that would go to Relay for Life. 

This week, PB still has Finals Fast-break, and Italian Ice day. Advertisement for Fast-break continues as we post Finals Week Pro Tips everyday on SnapChat and Instagram. Italian Ice will start advertising after Fast Break ends, that way we don’t overwhelm students with too many events. Cross promotion will be key at Fast Break, when they come to get their free candy and test materials, we will remind them that we will be giving out FREE Italian ice coming up!

All in all, I have learned so many valuable lessons, skills, and methods during my time at this internship. I learn that good advertising is all in the planning. Studying your target audience, is key. Making sure you cover all of your bases, each social media platform, in addition to out of the box marketing like face-to-face. I have learned how to work with many different people in collaboration to make advertising a success.

I can’t wait to work with Program Board on their executive board as the Marketing chair next semester!



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