Semester is ending: How to keep up with your internship!

As the end of the semester approaches, it is very easy to put all of your energy into your assignments, and slack off in other areas. How can we avoid this? Time management, Reaching out for help, and less procrastination.

Time management is key when it comes to advertising. It is important to plan out your advertisement materials ahead of time (aka for the entire semester) that way, when you experience times of stress, you do not also have to add the stress of planning. Manage your time by utilizing free time to plan ahead.

Reaching out for help is something that often times we struggle with as humans. We all want to do things on our own to prove that we can, to feel proud. But reaching out for help does not mean that you are incapable of doing it alone. It simply means that you’re a  human being with a busy life and you need a team of people to help you out. How have i utilized this tactic this semester? Instead of making the advertising fall all on me, i utilized my position s the Social Media Intern to teach the board how to access the social media platforms so that if they are running an event, or they are working at an event, they can also run the social media advertising. This makes it so that I do not have to stress from a far to advertise an event that i can not be at while i am also juggling several other tasks.

Less Procrastination ties in both time management and reaching out of help. Not waiting until the last minute to plan, or seek help is key. You do not want it to be the day of the event, and suddenly realize that you do not have a plan for what you are doing. Yes, this is a good chance to practice on the spot advertising, however that also come with a serious amount of stress that could be avoided in the first place. Planned things always run much more smoothly than improvising.

As finals week approaches, everyone on the board not only has finals to worry about, but also all of our final events. Meeting is a great time to plan out the week ahead, staff accordingly, and assign different people a task.

For finals week, we are holding a Finals Fast Break with a Candy Bar. This fast break is a table set up in the student center that provides free testing materials, along with free candy! Screenshot 2017-04-21 12.33.28


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