First Task of the Semester

Social Media Inters: First call to duty!

ShepherdPB is the handle name for almost ALL of our social media platforms. This is something that I believe aids in making social media followings more successful. Having the same handle for every cite keeps it consistent for followers, and makes it easy to say “Follow us on everything, our handle is ShepherdPB”. If we had a different name for each cite, then students would be less likely to tag us, and or follow us on multiple platforms due to not wanting to remember all of our handle names.My goals for the semester are to increase the traffic to our social media platforms, and to make them more interactive with out events, and our students. Starting right away with our first few events! Welcome Back Booth, Daytime Bingo, and Waffle Day! I started first with photo-feb-24-1-21-46-pmTwitter, Welcoming the students back and letting them know about our Welcome Back Booth. I utilized a funny gif, to catch their attention. I also posted to Snapchat as well as Instagram to catch the attention of more PB followers. I made sure I did this the day before, at a time that students seem to be winding down from a long day and scrolling through social media (9pm). There were posts on Facebook as well as Snapchat. On Instagram, a welcome back post was also made. It was a “flip gram” video of a few of the Program Board members holding a poster for a major upcoming event (Glow Rage) and jumping for joy. This video of the board members made the post more personal, showing the students and followers our faces and how excited we are to put on events for them this semester. Next up: Waffle Day and GLOWRAGE!!



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