Finals Tips: Program Board


This is a great chance to do some out of the box advertising. What for? For the brand! Sometimes, we spend so much time planning and advertising our events, that we forget that students should know who is behind the brand. Why? As an on campus board, if the students know who we are, they can spot a friendly face in a crowd. A face that can help the find where they need to be, that can recommend fun activities to do on campus for free, and can just be a friend in general. We want to show that the people behind our brand are present for the STUDENTS at Shepherd. 

This is what manifested my idea! I decided that with finals week arriving, why not have a display of Finals Week Tips for the students brought to them by Programmers themselves. So, in our meeting i asked everyone to come up with one tip that they think is crucial to know about how to have a successful finals week.

What I did with these tips, is i took pictures of the program board members who came up with them and i put their tip on their photo as a quotation. These images are being displayed on Instagram in a slide show. They are being spread out throughout the week in Snap Chat. They are being posted to Facebook, and Twitter as well. 

What do these tips do? They draw attention to the Brand. They show our faces along with helpful tips. It is a great way to show the students that THESE faces care about THEM. It puts a name to our faces. Program Board wants students to succeed. And the photos have been a hit! The board members all have different audiences of friends that they bring to the board, which helps spread our advertisements even more. 



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