Wphoto-feb-24-1-22-24-pmAFFLE DAY!! The morning of waffle day, I was a programer. I came in early and helped set up the event tables and waffle supplies. We hung up a PB banner over the waffle station, as well as had a PB information table where we laid out posters for our upcoming events. Once the event started, I switched back and forth between being a programer and a Social Media promoter.

During the event, I started a LIVE STREAM on Instagram. This live stream reached anyone following us who was waking up for classes that morning scrolling through their social media. In the live stream we featured the waffle stand, the excited programers making the waffles, and the information booth explaining more about our upcoming events.

Throughout the event I was taking photos of our students with their delicious waffles and posting them to our Snapchat story. I asked each student for their permission, and I also asked them to follows if they were not already to be sure that they get their photo. I posted to twitter during the event, another image i made on the scene with Adobe Spark Post. The turnout for waffle day was AMAZING. People were posting about it on their own snap stories, saying that they loved free waffles and they were happy that Shepherd PB was offering such a thing!

Waffle day is one of the most attended events of the year in relation to other food events. Though it does a great job of advertising itself, with its attracting smell and FREE qualities, it does help to promote in any way possible, at any moment possible. This event  taught me how to use social media platforms IN THE MOMENT, to attract more students to our event.


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