How to successfully plan a large event: Drag Show


The Drag Show held by Allies at Shepherd University in collaboration with Program Board: An event that taught me many valuable lessons. It taught me how to plan, organize, set up, and run a very large event. It taught me how to take a step back and realize that I do not have to do everything alone, there is always help available. It taught me a valuable lesson about focusing on the task at hand, and not getting off track. Most importantly i taught me how to take on a large event without letting stress take over.

Lets start with a few lessons learned from this event: How to run a large event

  1. Make sure all of your bases are covered:
    1. Room rental, decorations are ordered, food plans are in place
  2. Make sure all of your people are on the same page
    1. whoever is involved: performers, staff, volunteers, tech people, make sure they all are getting the same information, that way no one is left confused. Make sure they all know how the night will plan out.
  3. Make sure your performers are good to go:
    1. Do they need anything backstage before the show starts: water, food, ect.
  4. Make sure that your stage tech is set and ready
    1. Any music needed is in
    2. any lighting cues are practiced
    3. mic and sound checks before the show starts
  5. If possible, start decorating the day before
    1. this will prevent you from stressing about decorating the day of, causing less stress.

With an event like this one, its best to take all of the help you we get. Sometimes we can not do everything on our own. Have a group of people who are assigned to handle different aspects of the event. Have a decorating team, a team handling food and beverages, a team prepared to work the event, a team to be with the performers, and a tech crew.

Advertisement for this show was strictly paper/social media based. Having a silent auction at the event really helped draw in a bigger audience.

This event was a blast. It was stressful for sure, but it was definitely an experience i will never forget.17553990_1223507591018567_5562019360078508756_n.jpg


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