Mid semester recap!

I am at that halfway point of the semester which means I am halfway through my Program Board Social Media Internship. My journey so far has been a roller coaster full of many lessons, experiences, and great memories. The amount of things I have learned so far amazes me. Between planning, setting up, and advertising events, I feel like I am growing everyday in a field that I love! It’s not just social media, it’s social interaction also. Let’s talk about some of the things I have been doing!

Photo Apr 20, 10 38 16 AMFrom food events, to trips, to Late Night events, I’ve been advertising it all. For our food events, PB has found that they almost do an amazing job of advertising themselves! Why? We tell people we are holding them and the word spreads like wild fire!!! However, we always want to increase our traffic, so a little push goes a long way! On twitter I LOVE to get creative with cute little GIF images that catch people’s attention! If it’s PB&J day, I use the one with a dancing banana singing the Peanut Butter Jelly Song, which is very well known by most students. For this same event, on Instagram, I played around with a picture of a PB&J sandwich what looked delicious and added fun text! Of course I always tell people to follow our social media accounts, because spreading the word about our other outlets is always key to increasing out traffic, and doing it along with these advertisements (cross-advertising) makes it so simple (and less annoying than multiple posts)Photo Apr 20, 10 38 50 AM
For our Bus Trip events I love to use photographs from the actual location and jazz then up! For our New York Trip, I used a lovely photo of the Statue of Liberty and threw on some eye catching fonts and colors!

Photo Apr 20, 10 43 01 AM.jpgSomething really fascinating that I’ve discovered in the last week is, on Instagram you can now upload more than one photo at a time! This is AMAZING for Program Board because you can provide much information all in ONE POST. After SPRING BREAK WEEK I posted a Welcome Back Rams image and the instructed the viewers to scroll for more information about upcoming events! I was able to post all the events happening THAT WEEK which caused less commotion while also spreading the word! While commotion is sometimes GOOD in advertising, no one likes a person who posts a thousand times a day! I LOVE this feature and it seemed to get a lot of attention.

Aside from little helpful social media perks, I have also learned how to really work with people this semester! In marketing, you have all sorts of people! Your idea creators, your graphic designers, your promoters. All of these people are a key component to successful advertising! During meetings we have an entire staff of programmers who are alway brainstorming ideas for future events. Our graphic designers are so helpful in that when they create new posters, they ALSO create the I’m the correct sizes for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for to use! This saves ME time from having it resize them for each platform. In addition to Social Media, we also look for new ways to promote via Face-to-Face, paper to face, etc.

I have been having a blast so far this semester with Program Board, and I can not wait to see what I learn next!


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