Biggest Event of the Semester: GLOWRAGE!

GLOWRAGE: The biggest student event at Shepherd University since Shepfest! How did we pull it off? It all started in the prep work!

Behind The Scenes: 

GLOW RAGE Stock poster-Jan2.jpgPlanning for Glowrage began a year ago when a former executive PB member decided that it was just the kind of event that Shepherd University students wanted. He wanted us to bring this event to our campus, and he had us convinced it would be a hit! The next step was convincing the school that WE as PB members could handle an event like this, something completely new to the university.  The idea sounded crazy! An event put on by Program Board where students could come and listen to a live DJ and get paint sprayed on them? But sure enough, we were approved to put on the event! We had all of our bases covered. The Wellness Center was reserved which provided us with a HUGE space for an awesome dance floor. We had the police station involved for safety. Paper work was filed, and Glowrage was ready to come to Shepherd University. All that was left to do was scheduling volunteers, and ADVERTISING the event!

File Feb 26, 9 15 54 PM.jpegSocial Media played a MAJOR role in advertising for this event. The PB member who was running the social media accounts before my internship was already advertising this event, giving us a head-start for the next semesters. On Facebook, we released the promo video for the event which was created by the Glowrage company. This video was a super eye catching video that really drew excitement to the event. It showcased an event that made students say “Wow, Shepherd University is REALLY putting this event on?”. This video was posted to both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram about a month ahead of time. Once January hit, and students were heading back to school after Winter break, it was time to start pushing ticket sales. The Graphic Designers produced posters that we spread around the campus for physical advertising. I started to make recurring reminders on our fast moving social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter. We were advertising that FREE T-shirts would be given to the first 300 people at the door. Once said t-shirts arrived, PB members started to take selfies and personal promo videos wearing the t-shirts to get people excited for their FREE INCENTIVE. The week of the event, I decided to put my face on the PB Snapchat and Instagram story. I made a series of short videos, wearing my Glowrage t-shirt, and listening to the music from the Promo video. I reminded everyone of the awesome fun they were going to miss out on if they did not make their way to the event. These short clips got several views from Shepherd followers. 


January 20th had finally arrived and much was to be done before the doors opened at 8pm. Between packing and moving supplies, decorating, organizing volunteers, blowing up balloons, and cracking hundreds of glow sticks, PB had our hands full. As we were setting up, I captured numerous photos and videos of the process and shared them without followers. I wanted them to be reminded that the event was THAT NIGHT, and that it was going to be “LIT”. I posted a play by play of the stage being set up, the lighting and sound checks, the glow sticks we were preparing for the students, and the food being delivered. The views on these posts were increasing consistently. Once 8pm rolled around, people started pouring in with their friends. As they were waiting in the lobby for the doors to open, I asked several students to allow PB to post a photo of them with their friends on the PB stories. This got the students even more excited, and many even asked to follow us right then and there so that they could see their photo. 9pm, the doors were OPEN. During the event I was switching between being a Programer and a Social Media paparazzi. I took numerous videos from the stage view of students having an amazing time. Students themselves were also taking selfies with their friends and videos of the live music and crazy dancing and posting it to their own stories. 

Post Event Followup!!

After Glowrage ended, I decided that it would be a good idea to do a post event follow up on Social Media and see what the students had to say about our event. I spent a few hours going through ALL of our platforms, searching for anyone who mentioned us. I retweeted everyone who posted to twitter about the event. I liked every photo that was posted on instagram. I saved every image that was posted to a Snapchat story from the evening and shared them to our PB story. I even responded to some Twitter mentions that we received. Some of my favorite mentions included: 

“Glow Rage on campus almost killed me, but it was fun nd totally worth it!!!”

“Glow Rage was too much fun!”

“Life is about good friends, and great adventures. #Glowrage”

In conclusion, Glowrage was our highest attended event that we have had in years. Our social media had high traffic response and our followers increased on many platforms. The event got amazing feedback, and it was extremely successful. In the near future I plan to make a Glowrage recap video in efforts to promote for the next Glowrage, 2018!



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