Shepherd University Program Board Social Media Internship: Event 1

Screenshot 2017-02-22 12.30.51.pngYou mean, I get to spend my Communications internship working on my phone using social media cites to advertise events on campus? Thats something I do every day already, marketing myself to my friends through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, ect. I got this!

I have been a member of Program Board for a full semester, I understand the ropes enough to be able to advertise through social media, and I have a team of people behind me if I need help or clarification. So where do I start?

Let me start by first telling you about Shepherd University Program Board(PB)! On Rampulse, a social media cite for students designed for the groups and organizations on campus, Program Board has stated that as “A subcommittee of the Student Life Council at Shepherd, Program Board (PB) is made up of student leaders who create community on campus by sponsoring diverse, inclusive programming to educate, entertain, and engage students. Program Board Executive Leadership Team members develop strong leadership skills and learn how to plan, market, and assess diverse cultural, recreational, educational, and community-building programs. Program Board’s efforts support the core values of the University and the Division of Student Affairs: student learning; engagement; integrity; accessibility; community; social justice/diversity; and retention.” After working for PB for a semester, I can honestly say that this is a perfect description of the essence the is PB. We bring the fun to the campus so that students don’t have to travel far to have memorable experiences at college. 

DAY ONE: Program Board meeting: Scheduling events for Spring semester 2017.

13886426_10157186743615137_8552802405163893714_nIt’s the end of Fall semester 2016, and it’s time to solidify our plans for the next semester. We meet for our “end of the semester retreat”, In this retreat we all sit down together and go over dates, rates, budget, and plans of improvement. To the left is a photograph of the magnets that our graphic designers create every semester and hand out to the students to put in their dorms or on their fridges. These magnets have the majority of our major events for the entire semester. At our retreat we approve dates so that we can finalize these magnets, as well as begin working on other advertisement material (posters, social media posts, fliers, ect.) before the beginning of the new semester. We discussed marketing strategies both on campus, off campus, face to face, and on social media. In the past semester we had done an amazing job with social media advertising. We stayed on top of it, and we noticed that it really helped to increase our event attendance. We had decided that we wanted to maintain that standard if not improve upon it. That’s where I come in! The social media intern. My soul job is to remain focused on Social Media advertisements and marketing, making sure that PB keeps it fresh and fun for its’ viewers, and finding new ways to increase views/likes/shares ect. 14264970_1048742461828415_6739520293173129622_n

In addition to being the social media intern, I get to also be a Programer. This means I can volunteer to attend/work events, and I can even run/organize up to 3 events a semester! As a programer, I do get paid for our weekly meeting on Wednesdays, as well as up to three office hours a week. On occasion programers do get paid to work large events, but the majority of our events that we work are on a volunteer basis. Any internship work is unpaid! It’s all about the experience, opportunity, and learning skills that I will be able to apply in my “big girl job” one day. To the right is a photo of myself last semester doing face-to-face advertising for the Renaissance Fair. After this advertising, our ticket sales increased just in time for the event. We believed that face-to-face advertising really helped increase attendance, and its something that we hope to bring forth for Spring 2017. 


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