Internship: Events, lessons, new ideas.


WAFFLE DAY: Social Media takeover: Videos, Pictures, and Live Stream!

Very popular amongst Program Board Events at Shepherd University are the FREE FOOD EVENTS, and who does not like FREE WAFFLES? This is an event we knew that students would be excited for, but it was up to me to spread the word in the world of Social Media. Where did I start? I started the day before, of course, to remind people about all of the posters they have been seeing around campus that say “WAFFLE DAY”. photo-feb-24-1-22-11-pmThe night before at 10pm I posted a tweet as shown in the photo to the left. This tweet featured an adorable dancing waffle, that would catch the eye of students scrolling by after a long day. This gave them something to look forward to when they woke up the next morning for class. This tweet alone had 439 views, two retweets, and 4 likes. What is exciting about that is that 439 of our followers scrolled by the post that was very easy to read in a second. It was not an image that would have passed without notice. The two people who retweeted the tweet then gave the opportunity for that tweet to be seen by THEIR followers. 

After posting to twitter, I moved to Instagram. This is when I decided to start making my own social media advertisements! But how could I do this? I needed to be able to do it from my cell phone, so i started searching for an app! At last, I found an app called Adobe Spark Post! This app can be found in the Apple app store. Once I downloaded it, I started creating. With this app, you can either create your own image, or “remix” one already made with a theme. You can add words to an image, with really fun fonts and colors. You can add your Social Media handles with social media icons. You can then save the image to your phone or share it. For Waffle Day, I made my first social media advertisement. Thphoto-feb-25-12-07-47-pm.pnge post featured a photo of delicious waffles, with fun eye-catching bold words saying as minimal as possible but still suppling all of the event information. This photo was posted on our Instagram account the night before, and it got 20 likes! This is a lot of likes compared to our average likes on a photo.  I also went ahead and shared this image on Snapchat and Facebook, covering all of our platforms. I felt really good about the prep advertising for this event. But it did not stop there! Day of advertisements are just as important, more next time!



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