Welcome to the world of KiKi Marie

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but I never had a purpose to: until now! I’ve decided that I would like to document events, lessons, opinion, ect in my life and share it with anyone who wants to listen. So let’s start with a photograph of myself for now, and a few things about who I am.

The Basics:Β 

My full name is Kaitlyn Marie Lamkin. I was born into the world on January 24th, 1995 – which makes me currently 22 years old! In my immediate family, I have a beautiful mother, an amazing little sisters, and a big brother in heaven. I now live in Maryland with two male roommates who make my life very interesting/entertaining. I have a boyfriend, a best friend, and a cat. Enough about the basics, let’s talk about my position in this world today!

Who am I?

I am currently a full time student at Shepherd Unicersity, going for my Bacholars Degree in Communications. I currently have my Associates Degree in General Studies with some training in theater. I am a part time Sales AdvisorΒ at H&M, A part time Adventures Facilitator at Cedar Ridge Adventures, a part time actress at the Washington County Playhouse, a part time Programer with Shepherd Program Board, and the 2017 Social Media intern for Program Board! I have many different hats, but not the kind you can actually see.

What are my plans?

  1. Graduate from Shepherd University with my Bacholars Degree in Communications by Spring 2018
  2. Leave school with great preparation and opportunity in the PR/ Marketing/ Communications field.
  3. Feel satisfied enough in my job that I can settle down, and start a family.

What are my interests?Β 


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